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buzz time

They are back in force this year – I am referring to Sphex ichneumoneus, the great golden digger wasps. By adding more milkweed last fall I seem to be getting a lot more visits by many more of these insects… Read last year’s blog entry

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Right now the culver’s root in my yard are cute one-foot-tall plants with beautiful ovate leaves. If they do well over the next few years, however, I should expect these plants to reach 5 or even 6 foot. That is if they tolerate the rather sandy soils – they prefer rich and loamy soil. They […]

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Hummingbird moths…

Sometimes a design is so good or successful that it is worth repeating, often over and over again. Just look at our marine mammals who have adapted over eons, in some form or another, the finlike appendages of fish. However, we are not going to be fooled easily in mistaking one for the other unless […]

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