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Concrete evidence

Took the concrete highway into concrete hell again today and will do the reverse jaunt tonight. Why do this to yourself, you say?  Because I get to go home, that’s why! Home at last after all these years of merely “residing”. Without a sense of place there’s merely that sense of loss that you can’t […]

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Thoughts of winter green

While walking around the kettle ponds of Nickerson State park I couldn’t help but notice Gaultheria procumbens (wintergreen) littered among the pine needles and brambles.  Simple in design and barren of flower this time of year it would be easy to ignore it but for the sheer numbers of this three-leaf creeper.  Here and there […]

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Pearls before swine

Getting into the muck and briny scum to look for treasure…  That’s how I spent my morning or at least a half hour or so.  Oystering, that is what I am referring to…  They are still plentiful, even though I have gone and gathered a couple of hundred or so, just over the last few […]

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Run for cover

Ground cover, that is.  I get really excited about plants, especially the miniature gems that go about their business without relying on splashy colors and petal size.  One of my current favorites is partridgeberry (Mitchella repens).  While visiting coastal Maine on the Columbus day weekend I happened to find extensive mats of this miniature creeper.  […]

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Soft launch

I could not have picked a better time to embark on this blogging adventure.  It’s Thanksgiving and I have a lot to give thanks for, not in the least the fact that I live in a wonderful little corner of Cape Cod.  Why a blog? What’s so special about my yard that I feel the need to […]

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