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Mitchella repens

Mitchella repens, or partridgeberry is a creeping, ground hugging vinelike perennial herb that forms a mat of evergreen leaves in the shade and partial shade, especially under oak trees. The stems of this plant creep along the ground, rooting at the nodes. The shiny dark green leaves with white veins are located two-by-two, opposite on […]

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Tea, anyone?

While walking by a stand of wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens), I mentioned to my friend that the plant was edible, or at least chewable. He put this to the test immediately and ate one of the berries, proclaiming that it did have an oily wintergreeny taste, albeit subtle. I almost suggested a non-descript looking mushroom to […]

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Treatise on off-topic

OK, a treatise this is not, but it should be considered a treat, “it” being the fact that my musings are not easily contained to the original topic. Yes, I will discuss and elaborate on the many native plants that are to be found in my garden. But it is winter, and I live on […]

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Turtles strand in high numbers on Cape | CapeCodOnline.com. Every year these guys get caught by the rapidly dropping water temperatures.  Staying ahead of that by heading South is no small effort in itself, but add the geography of the Cape and as a turtle you find yourself in a trap.  The assumption that they have an […]

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Bay watch dolphin

Stranded dolphin rescued off Brewster beach | CapeCodOnline.com. The article refers to this animal as a common dolphin.  Granted, we feel the need to name things and I suppose seeing large numbers of anything will make them common in our eyes.  This unfortunate human trait is always pushing us to the next best thing or the […]

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