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December Jaws

A shark off Chatham, in the midst of winter? Strange. A great white, you say? Impossible! I heard it at a bar first, so my initial thought was this had to be a rumor, and definitely untrue. However, the source – Jim, does not usually make up fish stories. He is serious when it comes […]

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“I wish they would cut those trees back, the way they are hanging over the street, they scare me”. I am not sure how the lady got onto that subject, but when I heard those words come out of her mouth, it registered immediately. She was talking about one of my favorite streets on Cape […]

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I went fishing today, or, more precisely, I dangled bait in the water for a few hours. I tried a different pond in Nickerson State Park. I normally fish Cliff pond, and once in a while Little Cliff. The first did not produce any fish when I tried last week, the second was covered by […]

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Goodbye 2010

Another year has passed. This one wasn’t particularly bad, nor was it particularly interesting or exhilarating. Kind of a blah year actually, chiefly because I was way too busy doing things I had to do, not want to do. However – Whatever my feelings and thoughts about 2010, those will fade and change. Our time […]

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